Protest This! - The Game

We're in the process of developing a mobile game app guessed it...Protest This!  And proceeds from the sale of our products will make that happen.  So, essentially you will be helping to bring this game to life...kind of like crowdfunding except you get something right away for your contribution like an awesome shirt, hoodie, pillow, tote bag or perhaps a phone case.

What's it about you ask?

Well, you get to be one of the feisty yet cute and unassuming animal protesters.  Maybe a fast hedgehog or a gentle koala. Perhaps you prefer to be a tough warthog, a cuddly rabbit or a cute but wild kitten. Choose your favorite and mod yourself up with your choice of gear like a bandanna, ski goggles, helmet or maybe a gas mask...depending on how the game goes.

Then make your point by launching a variety of goodies at the pigs...literally...they're actually S.W.A.T. gear of course! Perhaps a soft fluffy marshmallow is your statement-maker of choice or maybe you're more into donuts or tomatoes or a water balloon.  If you want to make a serious point you might launch Big Bertha... also known as a watermelon.  But you'll have to be fast, strategic and accurate before the pigs shut your protest down.

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see some of the early characters we've developed and a basic game concept mock-up to get a peak at early design.  We'll be providing progress reports along the way. Eventually we'll be running a variety of contests to find names for the protesters so join us on our journey.