About us

In January of 2015, while travelling back from Hong Kong to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada after witnessing the Occupy Hong Kong protests, Kerry Petryshyn, founder and CEO of Kaatapult Industries Inc., came up with the idea for Protest This!

Protest This! was conceived to be a mobile game app (currently under development) that pits a variety of cute cartoon animal protesters against the oppressive "pigs".  

The irony here is that at the time, Kerry was a police officer, who has been on the receiving end of airborne projectiles himself from time to time.

After trying out a variety of names and logo designs, Kerry settled on Protest This!  The name is short, to the point and makes a poignant statement.  The logo represents a tag that an actual protester might quickly slap on a wall or sign with an available brush and can of paint.

It was after settling on the logo that Kerry's friends and family started suggesting the catchy phrase might look good on shirts, hats, stickers and other merchandise.  And that was how a product line was born that both lives on its own and reflects the game.

Profits from sales of merchandise will be used to develop the game which will be available both in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  So, know that every time you buy a t-shirt or coffee mug you're helping to create an awesome new game! 

Check back often for a growing and changing selection of merchandise.  We're also on Facebook @ProtestThisGame and Twitter @_protestthis.